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Image of Woven Labels "MADE WITH LOVE + SWEAR WORDS"
  • Image of Woven Labels "MADE WITH LOVE + SWEAR WORDS"
  • Image of Woven Labels "MADE WITH LOVE + SWEAR WORDS"

My husband has asked me if I was actually having fun in my sewing room because there was lots of growling and swearing pouring out... Well. Hmm. I guess in that moment, no. Once the item was finished, all the frustration had disappeared and what is left is just pure love and pride.

Sometimes things don't go smoothly, and that's ok, let's give our handmade items a badge of honour! I believe we mostly create with love and sometimes swear words help us get through the tough moments. Plus if you're making something as a gift, you want them to know that it wasn't easy but you finished it!

Dimensions of label .6"x2.4" or 1.5cmX6cm

Sew a woven label inside your handmade items and be proud that you made it with love (and some swear words)
Impress your family and friends when you present your handmade gifts, with the message inside that some wear words were used in the making of this beautiful gift, with love as the intention.

These also make amazing gifts for your fellow sewing, knitting and crafting buddies :)

Available in Packs of 5 or 10

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Designed in Australia, Made in China